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Closing Out 2013 on the Liverpool Offside

It was a busy year for us here on the Liverpool Offside, and we're hopeful that there's plenty more to come in 2014.

Clive Brunskill

This will be brief, because we've not been the sort to do too much with it comes to year-ending shenanigans. Heat deaths of the universe, sure, but reviewing the year in full just seems so utterly final. We talked about it as a writing staff earlier in December, and since nobody had much of a plan other than Conor's exceptional Transfmas series, we felt like the final days of the year could play out as so many of the previous ones had, with no shortage of content given the crowded calendar over the year's final weeks.

But I'd be remiss if I didn't make some sort of closing comments to wind down what really was an exceptional year for us. We grew from a two-person operation to seven, asking Elizabeth, Trevor, Chuck, Jake, and Conor to join Noel and myself as we hoped to add even more content to what had become a far busier endeavor than we'd anticipated. As a result, we managed to do some pretty great things, both in terms of quality and quantity, and it's set us up for an exciting 2014.

And, as always, our biggest point of pride is our community, which has grown significantly along with our site. The Great De-Lurking in the Year of Our Fowler 2013 has to come to an official end today after an astounding run--I'm sure the numbers are impressive, but I feel nothing but anger toward numbers of any size or shape--but the humor, intelligence, caring, and warmth displayed in our corner of the internet will no doubt continue well into next year.

Thanks for all you've done to help the site along, and hopefully we'll have you all around as we follow Liverpool into another new year.

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