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The Week in Comments: "steady"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Clive Rose

Unselfish Suarez on Record-Breaking Pace

Fergie the whisky drinker
Had a very shiny nose
He didn’t like Luis Suarez
Just one of the reasons why he blows
All of the other teams supporters,
Booed Suarez and called him names
The FA played some politics
And wouldn’t let Suarez play any games

Then one glorious summer eve
BR and Henry came to say
Suarez you are the best in the world
Anfield is where you will stay

All of the other players loved him
The Liverpool fans shouted one with glee
Suarez scored goal after goal
And will go down in Liverpool history

— Luis Suarez Dentist

Liverpool Cancel Christmas

peter.r: Does this mean BR is the grinch?
Lis.: He’ll steal the title.

Rodgers Tips Raheem Sterling for England Return


— kennv, which is possibly the shortest comment to ever make this feature

Checking in on Suso: "I Want to Play for Liverpool"

So hair. Such Sex. Passing balls. Incision. So marriage.

— latortillablanca

At the Half: Five Surprises for Liverpool This Season

My biggest suprise was
How LSD turned into a very different person right after Downing left.

— fastrail

Twelve Days Of Transfermas: Three Central Creators

He ran himself over with his own car and has 9 goals since 2008.

— purify_the_body, who is skeptical about Ever Banega

Liverpool Remain Confident Ahead of Chelsea Clash

"So Admiral Hodgson, how was the journey?"

“Well, the sea was vewy wuff and pwesented a difficult challenge to the boys, but they all gave their all and we got through. It was important not to attack the waves but to adopt a defensive stance as otherwise we may have been over run. Undertaking this voyage was very like my time at Fulham where I steered a great lumbering ship, the USS Dempsey to a Europa league final. I understand our next voyage presents a difficult challenge, but we will once again try our best as the underdogs to the sea’s competitiveness”

“I understand Roy you were very keen to command an aircraft carrier, why is this?”

“Well, ultimately, in this day and age their is no substitute for good old fashioned wing play, Flight Lieutenant Koncheskey will be able to tell you more”

— PeterRed

Match Preview: Chelsea v. Liverpool, 12.29.13

Is that you, Mrs Konchesky?

— Nerf, in response to the idea that Ed was perhaps too hard on Martin Skrtel

Chelsea 2, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

The league is not won by beating the top teams away from home, it comes from winning all the games you are supposed to win against the bottom half.

/Keep calm and support BR

— Waldo Rastel

Manwe had some thoughts on the evolution of Brendan Rodgers. Neb likes where the team's camaraderie is at.

Staff Comment of the Week

Match Preview: Chelsea v. Liverpool, 12.29.13

I sent Steven Caulker a letter asking if he’d let me wrestle him, and just yesterday I got a letter from the Cardiff Magistrates Court saying I’m not allowed within 10 miles of the city. :(

— Ed

Gif of the Week

(via Ed)

Stats of the Week

  • Total comments this week: 4581
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 2471
  • Total green comments: 151

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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