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Sterling Optimistic Liverpool Can Challenge for the Top

Raheem Sterling may have had a great day, an average day, or a poor day on Sunday depending on who you ask, but he remains confident that a two-match mini-reprieve of home games could keep the club on track for a finish near the top of the table.

Jamie McDonald

Sunday's botched attempt to secure three points produced an amazing array of opinions on just who was at fault for everything being so deeply horrible. Brendan Rodgers took responsibility for the loss, but this hasn't stemmed the tide of theorizing about which of Rodgers' players also contributed heavily. Read through enough post-match discussion and it would seem as though each and every player was both the best on the day and the worst on the day, simultaneously. Science!

Raheem Sterling wasn't immune to this criticism, having been accused of not giving it 457% in the first half. Conversely, he was also credited with having a better game than many of his teammates, which in and of itself probably doesn't say all that much but at least isn't damning evidence of true failure. Sterling hadn't started a match since October 5, and while perhaps things didn't go exactly as planned, he remains positive that Liverpool can get some results with two matches in a row at Anfield.

"In these back-to-back games at home, hopefully we can go out there and get the six points that we need to get right back where we need to be," said Sterling. "We've got big ambitions to be right up at the top end. Hopefully in these next two games we can do the job.

"We're only looking for the positives and today wasn't one of them. We'll take that into the game against Norwich on Wednesday. Hopefully we can get the three points and move on to Saturday. I thought we started off a little bit slowly, but gradually got into our game. We were just really disappointed to slip away at the end and lose two crucial goals."

Some might point out it wasn't exactly at the end that the game slipped away, but with only two days in between matches it's easy enough to bury the finer details of the loss under the inexplicably cautiously optimistic lead-up to Norwich's visit. Hope springs eternal!

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