Well RED - A TLO Literary Discussion Group

The internet is a wonderful thing. To be sure, it’s also a shithouse at times (see: most comment threads on major news outlets), but I’m of the mind that the many positives outweigh the negatives.

One such positive is the greater ability for people to share and discuss their interests and experiences. This wonderful community is a beaming example of that (with the collection of Office-related gifs coming in at a close second).

As my nascent love (read: OBSESSION) w/ the Reds has grown, my involvement (and viewership) in the TLO community has seen a parallel growth. And it is in credit to that I am proposing (with the blessing of the powers that be) a little project that I hope will help bring us a bit closer together: the inaugural edition of Well RED – a TLO Literary Group.

Born out of my desire to learn more of the club’s illustrious past (and a fan of his previous work), I picked up Red or Dead by David Peace. Finally having some down time, I was thinking of cracking it open, when I started to think: my favorite part of consuming any media is the opportunity to be involved in a discussion afterwards.

Knowing that none in my immediate circle were hardcore Reds (or interested in the goings on of footy that they’d want to read a tome dedicated to it), I came to the only viable conclusion for all things Red: TLO.

And so, friends, this is where you come in:

Starting with the first edition on Monday, January 13th, I plan on writing a weekly recap on a chapter of the book with the hope of spurring discussion amongst us. I will include some talking points that I want to pose to you all and will lightly moderate the discussion.

Now, these recaps aren’t meant to be lengthy; this is a roundtable and NOT a book report, after all!! But, I will definitely keep myself open to any discussions and, if this format isn’t working, we’ll adapt!

So, to catch up: if you’re interested in joining, just watch this space and have Chapter 1 of Red or Dead finished by Monday, January 13, 2014.

In the mean time, wishing everyone here a terrific holiday season from sunny California! And as a parting gift, how about a shot at Liverpool top of table all thanks to my glorious cookie decorating skills!! Cheers!

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