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The Week in Comments: "I hope we're paying him something like £110001/week"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

"Happy Christmas from Anfield. Here is the stuff of your nightmares."
"Happy Christmas from Anfield. Here is the stuff of your nightmares."
Clive Brunskill

Suarez Puts Team First

Jon Flanagan has more goals from open play in the PL at White Hart Lane than Roberto Soldado.
Luis Suarez Premier League goals this season? 17 in 11 games. Fernando Torres Premier League goals at Chelsea since joining? 17.

— RichieToGabbySCORE
Suarez also stated after the game

Something to the effect of – Liverpool has only one true captain, and that’s Stevie. He also added a comment indicating how happy he was about Flanno scoring his first goal.

Here’s a guy who could have the ego and bombast of an Ibra (and who could argue,with these performances he’s had lately), but instead he’s focused on all aspects of the team – from a living legend to a young kid sampling his first taste of glory.

I’m still not reconciled with his peculiar outbreaks of batshit crazy in the past – I think we’re all silently dreading another outbreak – and I’ve not totally forgiven his behavior last summer, but he’s proving his professionalism one game at a time. As ejbauer said above, if he keeps his mouth shut in January, all will be forgiven and forgotten as far as I’m concerned.

— beast in bama

Watch: Jordan Henderson v. Tottenham Hotspur

the best way to watch this

is to imagine henderson talking to himself after every completed pass, like: “Mmhmm.” “Ya, that was tasty.” “100%” “Here come the pain!” “Dime.” “Oh, that’s the mustard.” “Gimme some.” “Tastes like a honeyed ham.” “Some chocolate bacon cake for ya.” “I’d like to thank my lord and savior, Robbie Fowler.” “Ranch dressing.” “I love baaad bitches, dats my fuckin problem.”

Go ahead... Try it.

— latortillablanca

Rodgers Pleased With "Brilliant" Henderson and Allen

I used to complain at my TV when Hendo was hesitant to take a shot and relied solely on back passes. Then I used to complain at my TV when Hendo took too many shots and missed. As Hendo has hit a sweet spot of teammate awareness and goal-taking, now I just hold my TV and caress it and we’re getting married in February

— alcatrazzledazzle

Confidence Key to Liverpool's Chances

Actually depends on how you slice it
Thanks to Neb and Wides we can use science to compare seasons.
As you can see, last year we drew to Reading on the road last year. As everyone knows, Hull=Reading. Therefore and so-for-with, we lost two points in the loss to Reading Hull compared to last year.
Moving ahead to the Spurs, you can see we lost last year away to them. With Sunday’s win, that’s a 3 point gain over last year.
Dividing by pi, carrying the 2 and subtracting goat cheese, the net is +1 over last year in those two games.
CL is a certainty.

— Ken Mueller

Luis Suarez Agrees New Liverpool Deal

I hope we're paying him something like £110001/week

— PeterRed

Liverpool 3, Cardiff 1: First Thoughts

Still haven't beaten anyone above us though.

— Liberecak
LFC-Pure class: Their goal. We just gave him too Mutch room.
RedFlood: Noone was marking him
Xabulani: these puns deserve a Medel.
Khaine: They're Taylor made for our crafty commentariat
Goals for table
1.Man City 48
2.Arsenal 33
3.Chelsea 32
4.Everton 27
5. Man U 26
6. Liverpool 23
7. Newcastle 22
8. Swansea 22
9. Southampton 20
10. Luis Suarez 19
11. WBA 17
12. Aston Villa 16
13. Tottenham 15
14. Stoke 15
15. Norwich 15
16. Fulham 15
17. Hull 14
18. Cardiff 13
19. West Ham 13
20. Sunderland 12
21. Crystal Palace

— pretzalz

Hermes on Henderson vs Gerrard. Neb had some thoughts on Suarez and "think of the children". janeytee had her own first thoughts after Cardiff.

Staff Comment of the Week

Luis Suarez Agrees New Liverpool Deal

Slacks. Someone had to pick up your slacks. Really not sure how you missed that one.

— Noel, on Conor's failure to use the obvious pun re: the "there go my pants" gif

Gif of the Week

Solely for the Hendo skip. (via Khaine)

Stats of the Week

  • Total comments this week: 3614
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 2821
  • Total green comments: 180

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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