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New Suarez Contract in the Works?

As we prepare for an onslaught of January transfer rumours, the latest story involving Luis Suarez isn't about the possibility of him leaving Liverpool but about committing his future to the Merseyside club.

Paul Gilham

As Liverpool ride a crest of good results, it's clear that if there was ever a time to lock Luis Suarez down to a new contract, it's now. Suarez's summer of discontent seems well behind him as he appears to be on the best form of his career this season, and although he just received a new contract a little over a year ago, it's being reported that Liverpool are looking to open discussion regarding a new contract.

The news of this new contract has been making the rounds for a few weeks now, but only recently has it surfaced on legitimate news outlets. ESPNFC reported Ian Ayre flying to Barcelona — sans motorcycle — to meet with Suarez's agent Pere Guardiola to open talks, and though no new contract has been formalized, discussion is allegedly set to continue for the next few weeks.

Having Suarez re-commit his future to Liverpool would be a huge statement of intent for both player and club. For the player, it's an opportunity to demonstrate in quantifiable terms his dedication to the club, and a signal that his acute appetite for Champions League football is one he believes can be met on Merseyside. For the club, it's the securing of the club's most important player during a period in which the continent's biggest clubs will begin to circle Anfield like vultures.

If John W. Henry's unequivocal refusal to sell Suarez during the summer was testament to the owner's own aspirations, negotiating a contract that would see Suarez spend his prime at Liverpool would surely be a major coup after the debacle that was the striker's determination to play anywhere but Merseyside this season.

There's been a general expectation that this could very well be Suarez's last season with Liverpool and that a suitor willing to pay more than the GDP of a small island nation would eventually sign him soon after July 1 and that would be that. The more cynical amongst us aren't overly optimistic he'll make it past the January transfer window set to open in less than two weeks, which makes these alleged contract negotiations even more timely.

The details of the contract aren't overly important, although surely they'll be picked over with a fine toothed comb by all involved to make sure there are (or are not) release clauses of one stripe or another. What's important is that the contract get extended, period, and most fans will be happy for the club to do this by any means necessary.

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