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The Week in Comments: "Here today, groin tomorrow"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Paul Gilham

The Week in Comments: "Moyes may be available soon."

Nerf: This is a total fix.
PeterRed: You think that now
Wait ’till Qatar get comment of the week next week.

Suarez Form Justifies Carroll's Cut-Rate Departure

Oversized, slow-moving objects that enjoyed a quick rise to prominence but disastrously fell out of favor in part because smaller, more efficient and durable replacements became available, costing investors in them huge sums of money?

Yeah, fascinating that Andy’d be interested in zeppelins.

— nihil in moderato

Rodgers Credits Hunger for Bounce-Back

I see it.
He’s in the away kit in the second pic though, right?

— Ostheer, on the comparison of Sterling to a Pop-Tart

Gerrard Out for at Least a Month

Here today, groin tomorrow.

— bakerstreetirregular

AVB Chasing "Magnificent" Liverpool

AVB had problems with senior players whiny, entitled, arrogant douchebags at Chelsea

— Mr. Snrub

Tea and Crumpets with Cartilage Free Captain

Spurs have a top scorer?

Luis Suarez Dentist

Match Preview: Tottenham Hotspur v. Liverpool, 12.15.13

Fun Fact 1: Luis Suarez has as many goals as Tottenham.
Fun Fact 2: After Sunday, he will have more goals than Tottenham.

— pretzalz

Tottenham 0, Liverpool 5: First Thoughts

All the world's a midfield
And all the Spuds merely mortal.
They have their pace and their pecks,
And each man plays many parts.
But ours act on 3 stages. At first, the DM,
Mewling and positioning across the Lane’s park.
Then the godly schoolboy, with his charming coif,
And shining morning face, motoring like a V8 Hemi,
Unwilling to be denied. Then there comes a Panda,
Fierce and fluffy and red,
With a woeful ballad for opposing tacklers.
Made to us a useful midfield,
A siren mating call made up of cogs.
Seeking a CL reputation,
Seeking fucking silverware and that is all.

— latortillablanca
Suarez was a real leader out there...showed true Captaincy.
The whole team was fantastic…. but Suarez’s added pressure of wearing the Captain’s armband did nothing but lift him even higher.
1) He was vocal and directing the team’s shape up front.
2) His effort was even greater than usual.
3) He was also looking to provide other’s with scoring opportunities.
4) He embraced everyone when goals were scored…the excitement for Flanno scoring,Sterling.
5) He stepped up to stand up for team-mates who had been bullied in some challenges. He was quick in making his presence felt.
6) He maned up after being kicked…never lost his cool.

It was such a joy to behold and I believe we witnessed Liverpool growing up today without Gerrard…there was a sense of shared responsibility and a liberation where ever player,especially the midfield expressed themselves.

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing

Tottenham 0, Liverpool 5: Ascendant Away From Anfield

So midfield that midfields

That was exactly the kind of performance we’ve been yearning for wasn’t it. Relentless pressure from midfield, solid on the ball, tons of chances from open play and cut out pretty much any foray into our own third before it got dangerous. If this is our new look, then BR might keep his promises in terms of playing style. I absolutely loved this performance.

Anxious to see if A) we can keep this kind of intensity going into the holiday fixtures, both against high and low quality opposition, and B) what happens when Stevie and studge are healthy again.

— Khaine

Not Too Xabi had some one hit wonderings. LFC-Pure class offers up a recipe for pain perdu.

Staff Comment of the Week

Sakho: December Congestion Prepares Us for Champions League

After all these years I’m just now realizing that you’ve been typing in Hagrid-speak.

— Ed, on latortillablanca

Gif of the Week

(via PeterRed)

Stats of the Week

  • Total comments this week: 4533
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 3667
  • Total green comments: 232

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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