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Pre-Tottenham Overnight Open Thread

Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from White Hart Lane.

Julian Finney

1) Does Daniel Agger return to the line-up or does Brendan Rodgers stick with the dynamic duo of Skrtel/Sakho?

2) Who joins Lucas in the midfield?

3) How many minutes does Raheem Sterling get?

4) Do any of the youth contingent (e.g. Jordon Ibe, Jordan Rossiter, other young Jordans who may exist) make the bench for a bit of big match, big city sideline experience?

5) Convince the skeptic: what would be a justifiable reason for giving Luis Suarez the captain's armband tomorrow, given a slate of other options at Brendan Rodgers' disposal?

Bonus: What's your favourite baked good / dessert-type food item from whatever holidays you choose to celebrate? Extra marks for sharing a recipe.

Also, last chance to participate in Premier League Predictions Week 16!

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