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The Week in Comments: "Revenge is a dish best served Kolo"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

"You'll Sometimes Sit Alone" was Gerry and the Pacemakers' disastrous follow-up to "You'll Never Walk Alone."
"You'll Sometimes Sit Alone" was Gerry and the Pacemakers' disastrous follow-up to "You'll Never Walk Alone."
Clive Brunskill

Kolo Vows to Make Arsenal Regret Selling Him

Revenge is a dish best served Kolo

— dubya889

Derby Chief Denies Hughes to Liverpool Rumours

We need him.
We’ve already sold Voldemort, who better to replace him than the up and coming Dark Wizard Draco Malofoy. We need to maintain the Harry Potter co efficient.

— PeterRed on Will Hughes

Coutinho Ready to Go

brenny could say actually say this every single week.
“Jose will be a question mark for the weekend, but Coutinho is great,”

— latortillablanca

Loving Liverpool and Lucas

I spent my first afternoon at Anfield this past Saturday and sat on the Kop. I was in 104. We were singing our hearts out as well but following the lead of 304. Time of my life, I’m hooked. The whole time I was thinking..“Wow, they look so much better in person”-when in fact they WERE better. Lucas was on fire. Suarez was better than ever, no misplaced passes, no head down. Skrtel was just incredible. Can’t wait for Saturday but unfortunately I’ll be sat outside the warmth of the away end, surrounded by Arsenal fans and tourists.

— totokia, who started off the week really great and ended it not-so-great

Despite Rumours to the Contrary, Agger Not Poised for Liverpool Exit

The nicest thing about all of this?
The fact that we can actually let Dagger get back to full fitness, get some training in, and then work him back into the team without a huge drop off in the CB play. Last few seasons, the depth was so thin that we would have to rush back any CB that might have a pulse, leading to a good chance of re-Agger-vating injuries.

— G-Loff

Sturridge Won't Be Satisfied Until He Matches Messi

I can’t quite believe how fond of him I’ve grown. The goals obviously help, but I really like his personality and how he comes across. In addition to being a great striker for us, he also seems charismatic and down to earth.

— Lis.

Arsenal 2, Liverpool 0: First Thoughts

real quick for the final time today
this is not solely on gerrard OR lucas OR hendo.. it’s on ALL of them. the team played poorly as a whole, but the midfield is the key as that was where Arsenal were the BEST.

— poorscouserbobby

Arsenal 2, Liverpool 0: Outclassed at the Emirates from Start to Finish

For me it was amazing to watch Coutinho come on and demonstrate how a true quality midfield player handles himself on the pitch. His touch, vision, and class were on a par with the Arsenal midfield. Even his body positioning was thoughtful. It might be in a few years we can assemble a group at his level (sorry Gerrard & Henderson!). What a player…so glad he is back.

— purify_the_body

Staff Comment of the Week

Noel offers up some great tips on cooking meat, as well as a bonus hint regarding the best way to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Gif of the Week

(via qarp91)

Stats of the Week

Top Five Commenters:

  1. latortillablanca (293)
  2. wolf-in-wolf's-clothing (257)
  3. maninblack (178)
  4. Nebhamoo (140)
  5. Nerf (110)


  • Total comments this week: 3185
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 2219
  • Total green comments: 173

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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