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Gerrard: "Luis is a Machine"

According to Steven Gerrard, teammate Luis Suarez is a machine. Best not to let the FA know, as that's probably against the rules.

Matthew Lewis

A few stretches that saw him relatively anonymous aside, Luis Suarez certainly didn't have the worst match of his career against Everton. Including a stunning first half free kick in the day's proceedings in fact would suggest he had a rather good one. At the very least, on any list seeking to detail the reasons why Liverpool failed to take all three points from a match they led twice, Suarez's name would be somewhere well off the bottom.

Captain Steven Gerrard, though, says that for Suarez good just isn't good enough. That like some metal and composite contraption sent to Liverpool by Skynet not to kick off the apocalypse but rather to kick off the odd football match—at least when he's not facing the consequences of his eternal battle with the FA—Luis Saurez will never, ever stop. And it's this, Gerrard believes, that makes him great.

"Luis is a machine," said Gerrard following Saturday's derby, with the glow of Daniel Sturridge's late equaliser still fighting it out in the background with Liverpool's second half midfield collapse to define the narrative of the day. "He's right up there with the best in the world. Luis is the type of player who won't be thinking about his free-kick after the game, he'll be thinking about the header he missed.

"That's why he's so good. He'll be desperate to get back out and make amends for that. That's what the best players do, they don't get big-headed over the good things they do but analyse the mistakes and where it went wrong and how they can improve."

Though of course, if anybody in the starting eleven should be looking to make amends after Saturday, it isn't Luis Suarez. Though in Gerrard's defence for what was one of the poorer outings of his recent Liverpool career, unlike his teammate it unfortunately appears increasingly unlikely that there's even the slightest, unlikeliest of chances of him being a literal machine.

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