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The Week in Comments: "I hate Roy Hodgson so much"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

The Claw is our master. The Claw chooses who will go and who will stay.
The Claw is our master. The Claw chooses who will go and who will stay.
Alex Livesey

Hodgson Breaks Sturridge Ahead of Derby

I hate Roy Hodgson so much

— Amelia L
They brokes it they did… brokes our studge! We gaves it to them and they brokes it! He was fine. He was fine he was but now he is broked… Stupid hodge! Stupid stupid hodge broked our studge precious. We will gets him we will, yes... and puts him in the non-vip section… with real fans yes yes… and they will show him to breaks our studge preciouss…

— R2D_2

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the International Break

latortillablanca: my first football memory is me standing in goal at 4 years old while my brother blasted penalty kicks directly at me, typically hitting me flush in the face and knocking me down. i’d start crying and threaten to quit playing, but my bro would run over, choking down his laughter, exclaiming “oh, MAN! that was a RIDICULOUS save! Mannn! i thought i had that one! yer sooooo good at being a goalkeeper!” and i’d get back up and stand in goal again. this would go on for entire afternoons. I dont think i actually touched a football with my feet until years later.

Khaine: Luckily it didn't cause any permanent damage

Joyful Sturridge Loving Life, Liverpool, and Luis

two 9.5 equals 19.
19th PL title confirmed.

— Xabi's Red Beard, on Sturridge and Suarez both being 9½s

Liverpool Sack Borrell and McParland

Level headedness all around
Why I love this year as a Liverpool fan reason #1,296.

If this had happened in previous years, how calm, cool and collected about this would we all be?

I’ll admit there are concerns, but the general consensus seems to be the same. We trust in BR, in FSG, and we’re second in the table. Everything’s not quite the worst.

— usmc reds

Jon Flanagan in the Running for a Start Against Everton

being brave is precisely what flanagan is all about.
he’s from the jamie carragher memorial school of football.

— latortillablanca, with more thoughts on Flanno here

Phil Dowd To Ref The Merseyside Derby

Dowd reffing, Sturridge a wee bit injured, Gerrard taking injections to his face, our pets’ heads are falling off… we just can’t catch a break!

— Wides

Skrtel: "All of Us Believe"

There is a very good narrative building for Martin Skrtel.
Thanks to Noel for the thoughtful piece on our resurgent Slovakian.

I’ve been a doubter. I thought his confidence was shattered, and that he could never fit in a Brendan Rodgers back line. But Skrtel’s been really, really good this season. What’s more, by modern footballer standards, he’s handled his trials and tribulations under Rodgers extremely well. There were one or two negative comments to the press, but mostly he’s put his head down and worked hard. In the face of top-notch apparent replacements being brought in, he’s earned a spot.

Despite all of this, I’m still dubious that Skrtel is a long-term fit for Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers. But credit to Martin Skrtel for making it a very interesting discussion. May he continue to build a new narrative for himself that reduces the doubts of myself and other supporters to ashes.

— steve.b.jensen

Also: giant debate on who's to blame for Sturridge's lack of fitness and whether or not friendlies matter for England in particular.

Staff Comment of the Week

Hodgson Breaks Sturridge Ahead of Derby

Pretty simple really. I care about Liverpool and not England, and thus reserve the right to complain exponentially more about the stupid shit England does.

I can hate things without having to get into details about why. This is the internet.

— Ed

Gif of the Week

(via aj.joven.7)

Stats of the Week

Top Five Commenters:

  1. wolf-in-wolf's-clothing (379)
  2. latortillablanca (335)
  3. Mr. Sanchez (223)
  4. Nerf (111)
  5. maninblack (97)


  • Total comments this week: 3213
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 1997
  • Total green comments: 122

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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