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Gerrard: "The Confidence and Belief Are Definitely There"

With his career winding down, Steven Gerrard insists that despite a few regrets, he's still only looking forward—and still hoping for an eventual Premier League winner's medal.

Paul Thomas

At 33 years of age with the stamina that once allowed him to dominate matches from start to finish beginning to desert him, people were always going to start to ask about Steven Gerrard's footballing future. They were always going to ask just how much he had left, or even, perhaps, if the end was already in sight.

"I'm feeling fit and strong and I can play for this season [and] certainly one more," he insisted in an interview with ESPNFC. "That's how long my contract lasts, but I'm feeling as good as ever physically. I'm repeating games. I'm injury free. I'm enjoying my football. If that continues, I'll keep playing."

As for enjoying his football, Liverpool's strong start to the season, one that sees them heading into the derby against Everton capable of going top of the table for at least a few hours, certainly hasn't hurt. That start, though, doesn't quite have Gerrard ready to start planning any parades.

"I think it's important for me as captain of the team not to raise expectations [too high]," he said. "When you're talking about winning titles, it's premature. It's too early, and I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. That would be unfair. Our dream and our plan at the beginning of the season was to break into the top four."

Still, despite that he isn't ready to start making wild statements about turning Liverpool's surprisingly strong start to the season into a legitimate title challenge, it remains Gerrard's ultimate goal at the club level. Though memories of falling just short in 2009 under Rafa Benitez still bother him and his career is winding down, he insists he's looking forward.

"We came so close under Rafa Benitez," he added. "We drew a couple of games I think we should have won. That's a couple of regrets I have looking back, but I am one who looks forward. We're slightly ahead of where we thought we'd be, but it's a tough league and there's six or seven teams capable of finishing in the top four.

"The confidence and belief are definitely there. I don't think it will take five, six, seven years [to challenge for the title again], but it will be a couple." As for whether he'll still be around for that challenge, Gerrard was only willing to look forward, noting: "I've got a couple more chances and I'll continue to fight for it."

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