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Internationals Preview and Matchday: Sakho and France Must Win

Keeping an eye on all of Tuesday's matches with a Liverpool connection. Except for Slovakia taking on Gibraltar. We probably won't be keeping much of an eye on that one.

Dennis Grombkowski

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George. Or for Roy and pain-killing injections, perhaps. Along with England of course. Either way, it's another round of internationals. Help us keep track of the goings on in the comments, and try not to have too much fun.

France v. Ukraine
Watch: TV5Monde Europe, Youtube (UK); ESPN3 (US)


It may not be England, but at least this one matters. The Liverpool linkage is lighter than in some games, though with Laurent Koscielny seeing red for violent conduct in the dying minutes of the first leg, there's a every chance France's defence gets shuffled and Mamadou Sakho gets the start. Whatever happens with team selection, France must overcome a two goal deficit or find themselves out of contention for next summer's World Cup. Which is kind of a big deal. Throw in rumoured Liverpool targets Andriy Yarmolenko and Yevhen Konoplyanka on the Ukraine side and it's a match with a lot of potential for interest. Unless of course you're set on watching England take on Germany in a friendly.

In other UEFA qualifying action, Iceland and Croatia enter the second leg of their tie level while the Greeks have a two goal lead on the Romanians and Portugal are edging Sweden by a goal.

Gibraltar v. Slovakia
6:30PM BST/1:30PM EST
Watch: hahahano


After taking on Poland in Gibraltar on Friday, Martin Skrtel and Slovakia stuck around the gateway to the Mediterranean in preparation for today's meaningless friendly against the mighty Gibraltar national team. In related news, Gibraltar has a national football team. This is in fact news to the Liverpool Offside, and if at least one squad member isn't a Barbary macaque we will be severely disappointed. And if somebody can confirm a Gibraltar squad-member actually is a Barbary macaque, we might actually try to find a way to watch.

England v. Germany
Watch: ITV (UK); Fox Sports 1 (US)

It may not actually matter, but chances are it'll be the easiest match to find today if you're a football fan and live in a country where English is the first language. Despite injury concerns, Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard are both expected to start along with Glen Johnson. Because a match again Germany is important. At least to Roy Hodgson and the English press, especially following on from Friday's disappointing showing against Chile and even if for the Germans tonight's match likely to be little more than an afterthought. For England, though, a win tonight could signal World Cup glory is on the way. Because that's just how the English press roll.

Those who can pry themselves away from the Wembley spectacle—and who aren't already watching one of the matches that actually matter—could gamble on Simon Mignolet getting another run out when Belgium take on Japan, also at 8PM GMT/3PM EST.

Brazil v. Chile
1AM BST (Wed.)/8PM EST
Watch: BT Sport (UK); beIN Sport (US)

England v. Germany is a solid friendly on paper, albeit one hurt by going up against a handful of qualification ties, but on current form the day's top "match that doesn't matter but you'll watch anyhow because it's on and you're a desperate junkie" match has to be Brazil taking on Chile. After getting a second half run-out against Honduras on Saturday, Lucas is likely to see action at some point tonight, which is both nice for the player and a little concerning with the Merseyside derby on Saturday and his having to travel across an ocean to get back. Though at least the travel options to England from Toronto, where the friendly is being held, are more convenient than those from Montevideo.

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