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The Week In Comments: "his magician nickname should be Coudini"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Vince Caligiuri

Gerrard: Ferguson Tried to Buy Me

It always was harder talking to refs who don’t speak English.

— R2D_2, on Fergie's comparably lesser success in Europe

Philippe Coutinho is David Blaine

If anything his magician nickname should be Coudini.

— qarp91

Gerrard Taking Injections to Face Germany

Think it's a little more nuanced that you're making it
Gerrard is 33, with the groin of a 53 year-old. He needs rest, IS ineffective in many matches (particularly in the second halves of matches), and shouldn’t have to play every minute of every match.

There exists persons, myself included, who (1) love Steven Gerrard, (2) don’t always love his performances of late, and (3) would like to see him not play every fucking second, and (4) despite wanting him benched at times, don’t wish to see his career end in a hospital as opposed to on the pitch.

In other words, its complicated, and simplistic “hey you are all all contradictory for critiquing Gerrard’s play but simultaneously being indignant when he stupidly puts himself at risk for meaningless friendlies” comments will always miss the point.

— Mr. Snrub
Read as: Gerrard taking injections to face in Germany.
So, the alternative is actually kind of a relief.

— latortillablanca

Mignolet Enjoying Liverpool Life

I for one, am not upset that Simon isn’t a starter for a team referred to as the Red Devils

— Timbo Slice

Agger: "It's Been a Difficult Time for Me"

That's what competition for places does.
It extracts that extra ounce of desire and application. I was reading an article online about how Brendan had made a rod for his own back by buying 3 center halves this summer and I couldn’t agree less. To succeed in this league you need the hunger brought by having sharp competition for places and Brendan knows this all too well. We’ve got it in most positions now and in January we should have it in more.

I have to say-this is the most enjoyable time to be a Liverpool fan in several years. That could all change quickly but as it stands we have wonderful players that are very likeable that are all fighting fit and raring to go every week. The football product is pure ecstasy to watch at times. We have real talent in the academy and a manager that is a real leader. We even have a modicum of stability as an organization and an ownership that doesn’t make you want to go out and march. I was at the game last weekend and looking down at the touchline at Brendan lording over his team just brought a smile to my face.

Daniel Agger epitomizes everything I have just stated from his knuckles to his boots-even if it takes a bit of competition to get the full 284% from him.

— totokia

Staff Comment of the Week

Group effort this week!

Allen: "I Would Like to Be a Big Part of That"

Elizabeth: Little Joe Plays a Big Part
I hope this is the name of his forthcoming children’s book.

Noel: And I assume Little Joe is the red panda all the others make fun of for being too small to be good at football but he works hard, gets his chance, and makes the difference for the local red panda youth team in the cup final against their fierce rivals, the badgers?

Ed: And then he and a perfectly-coiffed badger named Jordan become friends and pass the ball back and forth into the sunset while realizing that, just maybe, they’re not that different after all.

Stats of the Week

Top Five Commenters:

  1. latortillablanca (155)
  2. Luis Suarez Dentist (153)
  3. wolf-in-wolf's-clothing (135)
  4. Mr. Sanchez (120)
  5. Nebhamoo (67)


  • Total comments this week: 1427
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 456
  • Total green comments: 86

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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