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Philippe Coutinho is David Blaine

We all know that Philippe Coutinho is a magician but henceforth he is to be known as David Blaine. Blame Daniel Sturridge.

Air Captain Scotty Parker is no match for David Blaine
Air Captain Scotty Parker is no match for David Blaine
Alex Livesey

Coutinho is back everybody and how glad we are to have him back in the team. The Brazilian is a true "technician" in every sense of the word according to Brendan Rodgers' footballing Book of Life. Creating chances for others, dribbling, close control, first touch, intelligence, indomitable spirit, flair, and more is in the kid's locker. Magic and changing identity is naturally the next step for Liverpool's successor to Joe Cole. Yes, Joe Cole.

Daniel Sturridge is one half of the much vaunted SAS and right now, when there appears to be a reverence surrounding Sturridge and Suarez. When they speak we might as well listen since they're scoring goals and helping Liverpool nestle in a Champions League spot. So Sturridge calls Liverpool's number ten David Blaine but Philippe Coutinho himself doesn't know much about the man, world famous illusionist and endurance person. Liverpool's legend in the making also is unaware of David Blaine's relationship with glass boxes, which is probably a good thing. "To tell the truth, I hadn't heard about that! If I'm not mistaken he's a magician?" was Coutinho's reply to questions about his new identity. "David Blaine? I don't know, I guess it's cool for him to say that, but to tell the truth I hadn't heard about it."

Team spirit appears strong in the Liverpool camp and nicknames or comparisons with famous personalities are just an expression of a positive atmosphere. Sturridge and Coutinho seem to have a good relationship on the field. Sometimes you can see players having a friendly chat with each other when the ball is out of play or notice warm interactions between certain players. Brendan Rodgers frequency of effusive character assessments may force the eyes to roll ever so slightly but Coutinho was happy to declare that Daniel Sturridge is "an excellent person" with positivity similar to that of Liverpool's manager.

Sturridge and Coutinho arrived in the same window. Both are now crucial pieces in the Liverpool resurgence puzzle. The pair are pretty close and have quashed doubts about their respective abilities to handle pressure at a big club. For Sturridge, prior questions about his character look nonsensical. The positive aura in the squad has helped and will aid players to settle in and it's something that David Blaine has noticed with uncanny perception befitting that of a man whose powers are far beyond that of mere mortals. "Everybody on the team gets along very well when they're off the field and I think that creates a greater union between us and makes us stronger on the field."

That is something that can only get stronger with David Blaine continuing to dazzle and trick opposition defences. It could very well be a trick of the mind or pure magic but it is something to behold.

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