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The Week in Comments: "Henderson? More like Hunkerson"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Wayne Campbell is a Liverpool fan. Party on!
Wayne Campbell is a Liverpool fan. Party on!
Alex Livesey

Rodgers: Henderson's Versatility Key to World Cup Aspirations

More like Hunkerson.

— qarp91

Brendan Feels "Blessed"

Rodgers WILL lead Liverpool to a title.
Lets all just take a deep breath and remain calm, while you let that revelation sink in.

— Nebhamoo

Liverpool 4, Fulham 0: Liverpool Turn Flat Track Bullies Against Abject Fulham

Look – the guy’s got regrettable technique and the athleticism he once had has been sapped a bit through injuries, but he had another ok game today. he’s a backup LB, ok games are kinda the job description. so far he’s had two ok games, two bad games. that’s not the kind of batting average you want him to continue demonstrating, but he’s still getting acclimated to the league. if he can just put “ok” in every time he’s out there and cut out the bad stuff, then he is totally serviceable back up to have around, keeping enrique’s knees fresh. that’s really the whole aim here this year, then we revisit in the summer.

— latortillablanca

Gerrard Suffers Injury Blow

Certainly makes sense to nip this in the bud going into a meaningless and unnecessary international break.
I do object though to Rodgers’ notion that Roy Hodgson handled anything well as Liverpool’s manager.

— Mr. Snrub

Suarez Saying the Right Things—For Now

That said this is the first time I’ve been on the site since Saturday because the reaction to the Arsenal defeat was just so OTT. The result and performance where on the whole disappointing but I have watched that match twice now and I’m just not that worked up over it. We lost to a good Arsenal team, we tried to have a go at them but with a number of our players slightly off their game we looked disjointed, even then we still created enough chances that a goal or two would not have been a surprise.
People being disappointed by the result and performance is understandable, but people trying to divine where we will finish the season based on the result and performance to Arsenal away or Sturridge being frustrated at Suarez not passing him the ball, is, well ‘frustrating’. Where we finish up this season will not be dictated by how we perform away to last seasons top 5. It will be dictated by dropping points against teams like Swansea, Southampton and Newcastle, it will be dictated by looking at our next five fixtures and saying dropped points against anyone other that Everton away will be a huge disappointment. If people wanted to find a result and performance worth tearing their hair out over in our first ten games look no further than Newcastle away. A win against Man U at home and a defeat away to Arsenal in our first ten games does not tell us much about where we will finish the season. Dropped points the next five fixtures against the likes of Fulham, Hull and West Ham would however help us divine the truth of this season.

— Muriwo

Sunday Open Thread: Busy Days in the Premier League and Serie A

qarp91: Anyone know what the print on the Arsenal kits says?
maninblack: 8 years, 5 months, 19 days

Momo1 had some post-match thoughts worth revisiting. There was also a giant thread on cricket if you ever wanted to learn more about it but were afraid to ask.

Staff Comment of the Week

Gerrard on Suarez: Nobody Does it Better

“How’d you learn to do the things you do? Particularly the nutmegging everybody thing. Because that’s pretty sweet.” —Steven Gerrard

— Noel

Gif of the Week

The pony got the most recs, but we had nothing much in the way of fun new gifs that were not also too terrifying to repost.

Stats of the Week

Top Five Commenters:

  1. latortillablanca (286)
  2. maninblack (222)
  3. Nebhamoo (213)
  4. Mr. Sanchez (189)
  5. wolf-in-wolf's-clothing 164)


  • Total comments this week: 2853
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 1499
  • Total green comments: 88

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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