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Werner Sees a Long-Term Liverpool Future for Suarez

Despite the striker's flirtations over the summer, managing director Tom Werner sees a long-term future for Luis Suarez at Liverpool—at least if the club can make the top four.

Michael Regan

With a historical club culture that insists those in charge should be rarely seen and almost never heard, the at times talkative nature of chairman Tom Werner can rub some sorts of fans the wrong way regardless of just what it is he's saying.

For others, the constant and, at least by intent, reassuring sounds emanating from his general direction are at least that—reassuring. And so, perhaps inevitably, we come to him again. And, perhaps inevitably, the subject is Luis Suarez and Champions League football.

"There was interest in him from other clubs throughout the summer but it was important for us to try to keep him," said the chairman. "He is one of the great players of the world and we felt that we would be a stronger club with him than without him.

"That does not mean I don’t respect his intense desire to play in the Champions League. But it would be a very happy day next May if and when we get to the Champions League by finishing in the top four and he is part of it."

For most fans, any love they may have once held for Suarez has been replaced by something far less intense. His goals and attacking play will be appreciated—will perhaps even feel as though they are owed—but having been spurned too many times, few will be pinning any long term hopes on the striker's involvement.

Werner, though, doesn't see things in quite so detached a way. He sees real hope of making it into the top four this season and, in doing so, creating a circumstance where Suarez might again become part of the club's long-term plans.

"It is our intention to keep him for a while," Werner added. "Our intention is to build a winning club and he is integral to that. The past is the past and I have great affection for him personally."

Champions League or no, Werner may not like what happens if Real Madrid ever do make the kind of overtures Suarez was seen courting a few short months ago.

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