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Victor Moses Feeling Settled at Liverpool After Smooth Transition

While his current role in the squad is not one that plays to his strengths, Victor Moses feels as though his move to Liverpool has been a seamless one, and he's hopeful that he can continue to help push Liverpool along as he settles in.

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Clive Brunskill

It's often hard to avoid rehashing the same topics when sharing the load on the blog. Today I find myself reflecting on many of the same points Noel covered yesterday in his piece about Victor Moses--injuries, where players fit, square pegs and round holes, Liverpool's best eleven versus their best eleven players and etc. So I won't do too much rehashing here, largely because I was in agreement with most of what's already been written, and also because I'm already nostalgic for the days when Victor Moses played on the wing instead as a number ten. Which was about two weeks ago.

Instead let's talk about what's otherwise been a successful transition for a player who appears to be grateful for the opportunity to come to Liverpool and, at least on the surface, motivated to see the club be successful. A loan deal has to be a tricky situation sentimentally for players; go to a new club that's not really your new club but it is, and if you're successful for that new club you get the warm fuzzies from supporters and probably get attached and then return to your old club because you helped your new club do well. Or the loan doesn't go so hot and you go to your old old club.

Anyhow, that's just a long way of saying that it seems as though this Victor Moses person has handled his loan deal exceptionally well, and just as it was before the deal was agreed, he's turning out to be someone whom Liverpool should probably try to bring aboard on a permanent basis. He's quite good, after all, and he's striking all the right notes when asked to comment on how he's finding life on Merseyside:

"I'm very satisfied with my performances so far. It's a great club to play for and I just want to keep playing football. As long as I'm on the pitch, I just want to keep enjoying myself. The more games you play the more experience you get. I've just got to keep on playing and keep on helping the team out. I want to try and score more goals. I've played four games already and I want to create goals for my teammates and score myself.

"I'm enjoying it. It's a great club and I'm enjoying every single day. Everyone has been great to me and I love it here. The history of the club is unbelievable and I'm just enjoying being here. We're doing really well. We're second in the league and we need to keep that going and keep winning games. Everyone has been friendly and we've been talking a lot. It was nice to see the lads and get on with them. Everyone has a great relationship and at the same time, out on the pitch, we're enjoying it. I talk to everyone and get on with all the players. I know Daniel Sturridge from my days at Chelsea and we've been talking a lot and doing things together."

There we go. Asked to cover a position for which he's not really suited and that effectively neuters his skill set, or at least his most threatening attributes when placed in a wide role, and he's focused on squad success and making sure that his time at Liverpool is enjoyable both for himself and the club. Cynics (or those more in tune with reality) may point to the eight or so months left on the league calendar as they wait to form their opinion on Victor Moses, but for now I think we can all agree that over the course of the season--and with the squad at full fitness--he's someone who makes Liverpool better, and he's exactly the type of player they need to have around.

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