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The Week in Comments: All Poetry Edition

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week, with a twist!

Clive Brunskill

There once was a man named Martin
Who got tired of not Startin’
He upped his game,
Aggs must do the same.
Then we’ll have 1st choice CBs starting.

- Peter Red

There was a young Dane named Agger
Who possessed dem moves like Jagger.
He’s been displaced,
But watch this space.
He’ll be fighting back soon, our Dagger

- Peter Red

There once was a man named Toure
Who created his own Liverpool love story
He runs mile after mile
With a beaming great smile
And will lead this team on to glory!

- Luis Suarez Dentist

Rabid and so fierce
Relentless in the attack
Our enigma Red

- Stalinesque

There once was a man named Steve
Who struck the ball like you wouldn’t believe
But now he is tiring
(And though we’re admiring)
He might get some well-deserved leave.

- MrGorgonzola

There once was a club called Liver
On whom I placed a fiver
It was going quite well
Until a bit of a bad spell
After Suarez was called a diver

- Sarvski

Start Papa Lucas
Stevie G on the bench for
Dreamy Hendycakes

- Khaine

Anfield a red sea
Passion overflows the pitch
Suarez parts the sea

- usmc reds

Staff Poem of the Week


- Ed

Gif of the Week

(via Nerf)

Stats of the Week

Given the disproportionate number of comments made in some unsavoury threads, they've been wiped from my memory and thus there are no comments to tally.

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