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Pre-West Bromwich Albion Overnight Open Thread

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Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Anfield.

Michael Regan

1) What role, if any, does Aly Cissokho play and how does that shape the rest of Rodgers' defensive choices?

2) Who of Gerrard, Lucas, Henderson, and Allen make up the central midfield?

3) If Pep Guardiola can substitute Philipp Lahm in a Champions League match, is this the week that Brendan Rodgers substitutes Steven Gerrard?

4) Luis Alberto: did he do enough against Newcastle to earn a start, or do we see him from the bench if we see him at all?

5) Any surprise inclusions on the bench?

Bonus: Given the number of limericks that popped up in comments this week, give me your best Liverpool poems of all sorts. Extra points for using rhyming structures introduced in elementary school.