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Rest of Saturday Open Thread: Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, and More

With Liverpool done for the day, we can look to action across the continent, with the top teams from most of Europe's top leagues in action.

Alexander Hassenstein

Liverpool might be done for the day, but there's plenty of football left to watch and enjoy/loathe/use as a distraction. The Premier League has seven matches left, including home dates against "lesser" opposition for Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea, and Manchester United, with Manchester City set to visit West Ham to round off the day. The pick of the bunch is Southampton's visit to Old Trafford, where they'll look to dominate the match in a similar manner as they did against Liverpool at Anfield. Given West Brom's second half performance against David Moyes' squad, there's no reason to think a similar feat for Southampton is unattainable.

There's also plenty to follow in the Bundesliga and La Liga; the former has the usual suspects in or around the top spots and hopeful of continuing to push forward. Slightly smaller fixture list in La Liga, but the top three--Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid--will all take part later in the day.

LiveSoccerTV has a schedule along with live and repeat viewings on offer through legal providers, and NBCSN/Live Extra will have the Premier League action stateside. Check your local listings and the LiveSoccer schedule page to catch up, and feel free to talk about any and all of it below. Reminder that links to illegal streaming sites will be removed immediately and repeat offenders will be banned enthusiastically.

Let's enjoy.

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