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Agger: Fewer Fixtures Could Benefit Liverpool

He's done the math, and Daniel Agger calculates that lack of European competition could give his club an advantage over others in the league this season.

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Claudio Villa

The international break may be dire for club news, but captains of national teams are still frequently put in front of the microphone to answer the most pressing queries of their local scribes. Liverpool is a club rich with players serving in this role for their respective countries, and Daniel Agger was quizzed about Liverpool's ambitions and their positive start to the season.

"We would like to play in Europe, that is the most attractive, particularly the Champions League," Agger told Danish paper Politiken. "But, of course, fewer matches lets us recover better and we get more focused on the [Premier League] matches and that might be an advantage."

It's the classic dilemma presented by continental competition for clubs that don't possess enough depth to regularly field two quality starting elevens: do you sacrifice the league to put in a respectable showing in Europe, or sacrifice Europe to ensure you qualify for the competition the following season? While Liverpool are certainly trying to work on their depth challenges, it's an evolving process; a season out of Europe is not ideal for a variety of reasons, but there's no reason why the club can't make the best of a disappointing situation by maximizing their showings in the Premier League.

"We set a goal before every match and that is to win," Agger continued. "It's almost impossible to win [every time], but we enter the pitch determined to win. We have been longing for a good start. We have got that now and we have to continue like that. There are still a lot of matches, but it looks positive.

"If you have seen many matches in the Premier League, you notice that everyone can beat each other. There is nothing that is certain and, as long as things are like that, we have got to gather points and see how far it will take us."

The season has been notably topsy-turvy across the league thus far, which has benefited Liverpool both directly and indirectly. Many of the usual Champions League contenders have not yet settled into the season with their new managers and/or new personnel, and if Liverpool continue to take as many points as they have been up until this point, the head start they've provided themselves with should help in the long run come May.

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