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The Week in Comments: "He’s Santa Kolause, and he’s ours"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

This scarf will never be held upside down accidentally.
This scarf will never be held upside down accidentally.
Clive Brunskill

Suarez Doesn't See Sturridge as a Rival

If you had offered Suarez joint top of the table and 3 goals in his first 2 league games back, he would have bitten your hand off.

— Luis Suarez Dentist
Does it count as optimism or pessimism if I’m already worrying about our squad depth for next year’s Champions League?

— nihil in moderato

The Week in Comments: "We still haven't beaten anyone ahead of us in the table."

I’m curious about something: what is a lenient rec?

— Lis.
It is a familiar sentence we use to quote for past few seasons, very pathetic at time.
We did face the same situation right now, but yet sarcastically if we look at the table right now every Liverpool fan should be smiling sweetly inside our heart and understand what it is coming from.
Arrogant it may sound, but who care, we don’t even has an opportunity to sarcastically make this kind of remark for so many year and we can repeat this phrase as long as we want before the international break end and hopefully we can keep repeating this until next May.

— steadyang, on Liberecak's comment last week "We still haven’t beaten anyone ahead of us in the table."

Honest, I Can Change

Suarez, you don't need to change

At least not for a fan like me. As long as Suarez keeps scoring, I honestly don’t care what he’s like off the pitch.

And if he gets a hat trick, I don’t care if he did for the pride of being a Liverpool player, for personal satisfaction, or to increase the likelihood of Madrid bidding for him in summer. It really doesn’t matter.

If he wants to stay at Anfield, I’d welcome him with open arms cos he’s truly an excellent player. But if he wants to go, then by all means go (as long as we get adequate compensation).

If Suarez thinks he’s calmer, more mature, great – as long as he keeps scoring. But if taking the ‘diablo’ out of Suarez means a drop in performance, then I’d rather have the old Luis back, warts and all. So far it seems this change isn’t affecting his on-pitch performance, so that’s good.

— R2D_2

Toure Insists Liverpool Good Enough for Top Four Finish

He wears a red suit and brings good things to boys and girls everywhere....
he’s Santa Kolause, and he’s ours.

— Gill15

Rodgers: Jose Enrique Can Be "One of the Best"

"One of the best"
So long as he is willing to put in 126% effort in 109% of the games.

— usmc reds

Gerrard Admits Surprise Over Sturridge Success

I feel his transfer is a perfect example of what Brendan is truly bringing to Liverpool and that is man management. There is something special happening among our squad and the influence of Brendan can’t be overlooked imo. He has given some of these players hope and shown them faith but has also demanded that they prove their desire and ability by seizing the opportunity he offers.
Sturridge, Coutinho, Kolo, Sakho, Moses ...these players all share a common bond and that is they were all fringe players… players who had been pushed aside.
It’s no surprise that both Sturridge and Moses ran to Brendan after scoring..they are so grateful to feel acknowledged and offered a chance in a way no other club has.

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing, which then spurred a fanpost on the subject

steve.p.jensen says Jose Enrique is a very good footballer.

liverpool blog fc sbn

Gif of the Week

(via both He_Drinks_Sangria and poorscouserbobby)

Not a gif, but I wouldn't know what I'm talmabout if I didn't link to the photo of our very own latortillablanca meeting Kolo Toure.

liverpool blog fc sbn

Stats of the Week

Top Five Commenters:

  1. Nebhamoo (153)
  2. latortillablanca (112)
  3. Mr. Sanchez (106)
  4. He_Drinks_Sangria (61)
  5. Khaine (46)


  • Total comments this week: 1534
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 1531
  • Total green comments: 102

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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