gather round all ye misfits and forgotten.

An interesting conversation has followed the subject of how Daniel Sturridge's rise in stature has taken even our Captain by surprise.

Everyone seems in agreement that first impressions were those of a selfish and moody young man who was anything but a team player. How wrong we were....or has he just changed?

I shared my opinion that I felt Brendan Rodger's involvement should not be overlooked or undervalued. He has certainly begun to prove that there are some canny man management skills at work....and with knowledge of the tools he possesses, Brendan has sought out players who seem to have been pushed aside by their clubs. He knows he can help shape them into the full realization of themselves.

Consider the stories of Cissokho, Moses, Coutinho, Sturridge, Sakho and Kolo just as examples. They all had found themselves on the outside of their previous clubs. Sakho could be seen as the most shocking if you remember that he has been a player for PSG since a child and was even their captain at one time.

In Sturridge's case I get the feeling that because he is English the belief in all stars are from abroad seemed to go against him in the mind of Chelsea's puppet master. Drogba of course was a hard man to displace also. They do seem to be a collector of 'talent' and many of the youth I fear will rot in the reserves unless they decide to step out and go elsewhere. of course for some just the prestige is enough and so they fool themselves out of a meaningful career.

Brendan Rodgers has made something truly special happen within the Liverpool squad for me....he has offered everyone a's up to the players to seize it. The reward is plain to see... Sturridge and Moses both running to hug Brendan after scoring....and the whole team following.

They are human beings....and we all want to feel acknowledged. We all want to be given a chance to show what we can do...don't we?

For those who fall short...and maybe that's as much in training as on the pitch... Brendan doesn't excuse and another player earns that place instead. Having said that I feel with injuries certain players have played more minutes than maybe they would normally.

So.... for all those teams who found it so easy to part with such players as named above I say Thank you because Liverpool has a man who seems to know how to get the best from them and in return they have created a strong unity and team spirit for they are just happy to have been shown some faith and given an opportunity to show us and themselves the God given talent within.

So who else can you think of ...which other misfit or forgotten could Brendan take in and offer hope to?

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