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Mansfield Set to Remember Hillsborough 96

On the heels of a year of marked progress in the ongoing fight for justice, Liverpool's hosts tomorrow have announced their plans to remember the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy.

Michael Regan

Just a brief note--and H/T to Manwe in the comments of the preview to turn our attention to it--about Mansfield's plans for a tribute to the Hillsborough victims and their families during tomorrow's third-round FA Cup matchup. From the Mansfield Town website, with quotes from their operations director Paul Broughton:

"We wanted to do something in light of what has happened this year in terms of Hillsborough and as it's been so long since the two sides met.

"One of our fans suggested we place a name on each of the empty seats in the segregation section of the stadium. The idea sent shivers down my spine. It was an amazing idea."

Amazing indeed, and a wonderful gesture from the club and its supporters. Much has been made of the anticipation and excitement with which Mansfield have approached this fixture, and this is a nice piece to have included. Hopefully everything goes ahead without a hitch--including the match, of course--and that from top to bottom things come off as planned.

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