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Video: Daniel Sturridge Career Highlights

With Daniel Sturridge's move to Liverpool finally official, a look back at some of the highlights of his career—and for us to start moving past some of our reservations concerning his purchase—seems long overdue.

Shaun Botterill

Over the past few weeks, we've hardly hidden the fact that Daniel Sturridge wouldn't be amongst our first choice targets if we had a say in Liverpool's attempts to strengthen their attacking options, but that doesn't mean we don't want to see the ex-Chelsea striker succeed at Anfield. Far from it, in fact. And after calling far too many of the club's recent underwhelming transfers right, what we'd like more than anything is for the signing of Sturridge to prove we don't have the slightest clue what we're talking about.

The past, though, does haunt us. It haunts us because as we expected and feared at the time, Christian Poulsen's best days really were behind him when he signed on. Charlie Adam really was a fiction created Match of the Day highlight reels that hid numerous warning signs. Joe Cole was clearly a broken down luxury player bought at a time when Liverpool were short on the basics. And Andy Carroll's massive transfer fee and limited Premier League experience was always a recipe for disaster.

We may have been a touch optimistic when it came to Stewart Downing, calling his price horribly inflated but believing he would at least be better than the nothing we had on the left wing at the time. And on the flip side some may continue to disagree with our unrelenting optimism when it comes to Jordan Henderson. But on the whole, it's an unpleasant record—at least when you're amongst those hoping to see the club succeed—of calling Liverpool's recent transfers right when the club has gotten them very, very wrong with disturbing regularity.

And so we'd really like it if this time around events conspired such as to allow Sturridge's staunch supporters to tell us I told you so a year down the road when he's joint top scorer in the league with Luis Suarez, making smart passes and tracking back diligently, and just generally being an all around awesome guy playing a key role in Liverpool's first legitimate title challenge since 2009.

So. With all that cheerfulness out of the way, once again we welcome Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool. May we only have cause to revisit our doubts from here on out when we have to admit to how wrong we were to have ever had them. And if he could maybe stop with the dancing* that might help get things off to a good start.

Video by YNWAEdits via his Youtube Channel

*Though for another like his backheel against Sunderland we'd probably be cool with him dancing.

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