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Doni Re-emerges to Settle Liverpool Future

After completely disappearing from the club's collective conscious after the sending off against Blackburn in April of 2012, Doni reappears to discuss where he's been. Sort of.

Michael Steele

"They talk a lot. First, I was unhappy in the reserves, then it was an ankle injury, and I have to say every hour they invent a new story.

"I can not speak the truth about what's happening with me and Liverpool. We have a problem. I'm resolving the issue. I'm expecting a call from my solicitor. I've returned to Miami now, where I was sorting out other business. I cannot say more than that."

Hearing from Doni after the last ten months is a bit of a shock considering his complete and utter disappearance--he was either doing an excellent D.B. Cooper impression or dealing with some major stuff on the home front, and fair or not, his absence became a running joke of sorts.


What's not so funny is his apparent discontent with the way things have gone between he and the club, with some decidedly not positive feelings evident in the interview that was released yesterday. We're privy to no actual information about what's happened over the past year, and his statements are some sort of depiction of an ambiguously uncomfortable situation, and it's clear enough that he's not been pleased with how Liverpool have handled things.

Not sure there's anywhere for this story to go other than a wrap-up at some point in the near future; if he wants to continue a playing career, he'll likely be looking for the club to either release or sell him very shortly, and given the emergence of Brad Jones, there's no spot for him other than in the reserves.

For now I suppose it's hello again just in time to say goodbye...again, in what's surely one of the stranger player things over the past few seasons.

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