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Liverpool Confirm Daniel Sturridge Signing

As expected, the club announce the signing of the former Chelsea forward early in the January window, completing a move that's been the worst kept transfer secret of the past month.

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Laurence Griffiths

Since last summer we've been preparing for the possibility that Daniel Sturridge might be joining Liverpool, although when a move in August fell apart because the asking price that was too steep, you wouldn't have expected the club to come back five months later with a higher bid. Given the way the summer window ended, though, it's maybe not particularly shocking that the club continued to chase the young English attacker, and that he's now joined up at the earliest possible moment to the tune of £12m to Chelsea and a reported £60k a week wage packet.

We don't really need to do much more discussion about where we do or don't see him fitting--the transfer fee and the wages might be better spent elsewhere or at least on a player with a tilde in his name or something, but Daniel Sturridge is now a Liverpool player, and I'm on my way to finding a way to support him. I'm a sucker for anyone in a Liverpool shirt (unless that someone is Christian P***sen), so it probably won't hurt to see him in action against Mansfield at the weekend. Unless Liverpool wear the bibs, then all bets are off.

For his part he's quite excited—or at least as excited as someone can seem by reciting the stock phrases players use when joining Liverpool.

"I am humbled and happy to be here. Brendan Rodgers said he sees me here for a long time - and I also see myself here for a long time. I've not signed here to play for a couple of years and then move on.

"I've signed to be here for as long as possible. It's a humongous club - for me, one of the biggest in the world - and to have the fans and world-class players we have here is amazing."

So. Welcome Daniel Sturridge. Let's hope your Liverpool career is indeed successful for both you and the club.

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