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Liverpool Pleased by Progress Towards Anfield Redevelopment

There still aren't any shovels in the ground when it comes to Anfield redevelopment, but Ian Ayre has today sought to reassure fans that real progress has been made.

Christopher Furlong

Every few months it seems Liverpool let it be known that there's really seriously for real this time news concerning the redevelopment of Anfield. Or at least that there's news about how there will soon be news concerning the redevelopment of Anfield.

And now, with suggestions the club will make a formal planning application in the spring and managing director Ian Ayre eager to talk about all the behind the scenes work being done, we can safely say there's news on the Anfield redevelopment front. Or at least there's news about how there might soon be news. It's probably one or the other.

"We are very pleased with progress," said Ayre. "A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes particularly with the acquisition of properties and architectural work to look at designs and plans which would be submitted for planning permission.

"We've got a meeting coming up in the next few weeks with the steering group which is made up of the various parties who were present when the announcement about the regeneration was made. Certainly in terms of milestones that we set ourselves, we are on track. We're pleased with the way we're heading and there's no reason to feel anything other than optimistic."

If Ayre's timelines is accurate, redevelopment of the area surrounding Anfield both to adhere to right to light bylaws as well as to get the local council to accede to the club's plans despite reports they favour the Stanley Park option is set to begin sooner rather than later.

Though of course with the seemingly endless delays and that the club has been dropping similar comments once a quarter since Fenway Sports Group came on board, many won't be happy until there's more to point to than just the club's managing director talking about progress. Which is probably entirely reasonable at this point.

Still, while we might be inclined to wait until there actually are shovels in the ground to pop the bubbly, perhaps Ian Ayre taking the time to tell fans there really has been progress is better than not knowing if Ian Ayre thinks there's been progress. Or it might be nice to actually see signs of said progress rather than having to take it on faith one more time. It's probably one or the other.

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