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Rodgers: Luis Suarez Will Be "Dealt With"

After Luis Suarez admitted to diving when Liverpool faced Stoke it was only a matter of time before it became yet another headache for both player and club, so it was no surprise when manager Brendan Rodgers was pushed to address the latest controversy.

Bryn Lennon

From the moment Luis Suarez' admission that he dove made its way from the Argentinean media to the shores of England and thence the rest of the world, there was really only one way for things to go. And if you guessed that way would involve his words being met with shrugs of indifference, you haven't been paying attention to Luis Suarez or the English press for very long.

It was only ever going to become yet another major talking point surrounding the Uruguayan striker, another little tidbit used to flesh out the Luis Suarez is a cheat narrative that has been inescapable for some time. Though to be fair to the press who are so fond of said narrative, Suarez did make it all a touch too easy for them this time around given he quite literally admitted to cheating against Stoke.

"I think it is wrong," was Brendan Rodgers' response when he was inevitably pressed on the matter at his press conference ahead of Saturday's match against Norwich City. "It is unacceptable. I have spoken to Luis and it will be dealt with internally. It is not something we advocate. Our ethics are correct."

That the matter will be "dealt with internally" may only mean the club's media staff will give the player a stern lecture on not admitting to diving ever again when talking to the media anywhere in the world. After all, diving is far from uncommon in the Premier League, and with far less foreign names like Phil Neville and Gareth Bale responsible for some of the most blatant dives this season—dives that at least match Suarez' effort against Stoke—it's not as though Suarez is doing anything especially uncommon.

What is uncommon is his determination to continue talking about it well after the fact, and what is uncommon is the level of antipathy towards him that exists amongst the vast majority of those tasked with leading the conversation surrounding football in England. So perhaps the next time a reporter or broadcaster from Uruguay or Italy or Micronesia asks him about his time in England he could just leave the diving part out of it. Maybe the part about Manchester United being the English media's puppet masters, too.

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