John Henry Writes Open Letter to Fans


Following the disappointing events of Friday, when the transfer window closed and left Liverpool with fewer attacking options than they had when it opened, it was only a matter of time before ownership would respond in an attempt to placate an angry fanbase. That has now happened, with John Henry writing an open letter to Liverpool fans that hits all the points one would expect—talented younger players like Joe Allen and Fabio Borini, a belief in Financial Fair Play, increasing revenues to bolster spending, and overcoming the "errors of previous regimes." Talk of avoiding risky spending and being willing to invest heavily so long as that investment is sound may make sense, but it largely ignores the core concerns of many following Friday. Concerns about Ian Ayre and the entire upper management reportedly calling it a day hours before the close of the transfer window. Concerns about the appearance of Rodgers having to sell to buy—and then not being allowed to buy. Concerns about the club having three months to add depth and failing while at the very least appearing to undermine the manager given his many public statements leading up to the window's close. As owners, Fenway Sports Group have always said the right things, and so it's no surprise to see them do so once again. Actions, however, will always speak louder, and it will take a lot to overcome the actions of last week.