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Martin Kelly Out Until New Year

Sunday's loss to United saw literal injury added to insult when Martin Kelly went down with a knock that could see him out until at least January.

Clint Hughes - Getty Images

Sunday's loss to Manchester United despite being the clear better side was bad enough for Liverpool, but the match saw literal injury added to that insult when none of Daniel Agger, Fabio Borini, or Martin Kelly were able to finish the match. The club hasn't confirmed the severity of any of the injuries as yet, but with Martin Kelly Tweeting an update on his situation after the results of his scan came in it's fair to say the eventual official news won't be good in his case at least, with the 22-year-old defender expecting to be gone until the new year.

"What I can say is its not the worst injury I've had," said Kelly, "and I'll be fighting for my place next year when I'm back fitter and stronger." For Kelly, it's yet another setback in a career that has seen the young defender increasingly spoken of as injury prone, and with each new knock it becomes more difficult for the club and fans to imagine Kelly ever developing into more than a bit-part player despite his clear talent and potential whenever he is fit and available.

Elsewhere, there is no confirmation of any kind when it comes for Fabio Borini and Daniel Agger, though there is speculation that Borini's swollen ankle isn't a particularly serious issue and that Agger's injury at least isn't as bad as initially feared, with both more likely to be gone for days or weeks rather than weeks or months. Though even if both are back soon, it leaves Liverpool short for a daunting schedule over the next two weeks and with a sudden crisis at fullback, where Glen Johnson is the only fit and on form player available to play on either side of the pitch.

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