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More Changes Coming at the Liverpool Offside

And SBNation in general. Very shortly things are going to look significantly different across the network, and we'll be part of a shift that's been made to improve things on all sides. Our league manager, Graham MacAree--who's also the manager of the Chelsea blog We Ain't Go No History--posted a nice rundown of what can be expected in the coming days, as well as some visuals of what the new formatting will look like. It's a distinct shift, but one that we all hope only enhances the experience here for everyone.

The changes on the reader end will be minimal; viewing experience and organization of content will be different and will likely take some getting used to, but beyond that you won't have much to adjust to. The altered formatting will give us a chance to keep the bigger posts or stories highlighted longer, as well as to organize posts and updates in one topic in a more streamlined manner. You'll also notice that the mobile app has been ditched, with the platform now remaining consistent regardless of how you're accessing the site. Which, incidentally, should be loading quicker given the work that's been done by the tech team.

Nothing's happening immediately, but there'll be a day in the near future when things load and it's not the same Liverpool Offside, as logo, layout, and design will all be new. You can expect that most everything else will be the same (and hopefully even better) from Noel and I, and our hope is that everything that's made this site worth visiting in the past--namely the community and quality of the discussion--doesn't change at all.

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