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Agger Extension Talks Underway

Agger extension talks are underway, which is cool. That he'll probably get another injury or random infection by the time you read this is somewhat less so.

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Of the numerous exit rumors during the summer window, Daniel Agger's was among the most concerning, as he was one of the sole defenders that seemed to be a natural fit for the new manager's possession-based style of football. Most (self included) patently denied the possibility that he would actually leave, mostly for sanity's sake, and as the summer window drew to a close it became evident that, at least for the time being, the Danish captain would remain a Liverpool player.

Lack of an extension added to concerns, though, and with a new deal for Martin Skrtel--who by most accounts is the least important part of an Agger-Skrtel pairing, which early performances confirm--hand-wringing ensued about the future of a central defender that many had earmarked as the prototypical Liverpool man, both in playing style and general demeanor.

Reports yesterday will hopefully lead to a prolonged stay for Agger, though, as summer uncertainty has apparently given way to discussion geared towards a longer-term deal. The player was admirably transparent about his intentions to stay on Merseyside, and for most it's good news that his love for the club and its supporters had an impact on where his footballing future would lie.

Daniel Agger is good for Liverpool Football Club, and it seems that Liverpool Football Club is good for Daniel Agger. He's someone that, regardless of the turmoil about the club and fitness and etc., has an impact, and with so much turnover underway, stability moving forward will be paramount. There's no guarantee that the old guard can provide that in terms of quality and consistency, and Agger's one that we know, so long as he stays fit, can see Liverpool head in a direction that's undoubtedly positive.

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