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Fabio Borini Blames Bad Luck

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With one goal in eight appearances so far for Liverpool, far below his return of ten in 26 for Roma last season when he played mostly on the wing, it's fair to say that Fabio Borini has had a slow start to life at Liverpool. The player, however, remains confident that if the chances keep coming, the goals will soon follow, insisting that he—and the rest of the team—have simply been unlucky in the opening weeks of the season.

"I'm working really hard on the training ground," he told the club's official website. "On my physical condition, technical side and tactical as well, with the manager and the assistant manager after training. There's not a particular key that can convert the chances into goals, it's just probably a moment or a matter of inches or luck.

"But I think we have qualities to convert the chances, we see in training and we work everyday on shooting. It will come. I know [goals] will come because as a striker you always get chances in a game. It's probably just a moment that you get unlucky or the keeper makes saves. It's just a moment."

Certainly fans will be hoping Borini is right, that it's all down to bad luck and that the chances will soon start finding their way into the back of the net—hopefully by Sunday when Manchester United come to town at the very latest. Though after a season where Liverpool hit the woodwork more than anybody in England and more than any other side in the top European leagues bar Barcelona, goals and bad luck are a subject most Liverpool supporters will have long ago had enough of.

"I think we played quite well," he added, "and we have been unlucky with our opportunities. I had two good chances [against Sunderland], we hit the crossbar, we hit the post. They actually probably had one shot on goal and scored one. We've been unlucky. We didn't get the win even though we probably deserved it."

Well, here's to better luck, then. Or maybe just a touch of clinical finishing. Whichever one it is successful sides that score a goal every now and then rely on would probably be best.

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