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Video: Everton Pay Tribute to the Victims of Hillsborough

Hosting the final match of the Premier League's fourth round on Monday evening, Everton capped a weekend of tributes to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster with their own heartfelt remembrance, putting aside local rivalry to mark the significant events of the past week and a disaster that affected friends, neighbours, and family members for many Evertonians.

While a mascot in Everton blue wore the number nine beside one in Liverpool red wearing six, the names of the victims were listed while the song "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" played and supporters applauded the efforts of those who had campaigned for truth. It wasn't the standard minute of silence so often observed at stadiums; it was something more personal.

As was manager David Moyes' note in the matchday programme, which spoke of the travesty of both the disaster and the reaction to it by those in power:

"As part of the football family, I, and everybody at Everton, stand alongside the families who for so long have challenged the authorities over what has now been proved a travesty. I am not only a football manager, I'm a football supporter and a father, and I applaud the families who continued to fight for the ones they loved.

"The outcome was nothing short of disgraceful. We have all been brought up to believe and trust in authority. The authorities who were responsible for ensuring the safety of supporters that afternoon let them down, as have the government parties who have been in power since."

The two sides get back to worrying about facing each other on the pitch at the end of October, but for a short time on Monday night that will have been the last thing on the mind of any Liverpool or Everton supporter either at the match or watching from home.

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