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Fast-Tracked Samed Yesil Set For Likely Liverpool Debut

In recent weeks, much of the talk has centred around youngster Raheem Sterling when it comes to Liverpool Football Club. In part that's because he's been one of the few unquestionable bright spots in a generally difficult start to the season, but it's also because at just 17 years of age, there are genuine concerns that an over-reliance on the talented attacker could damage his long-term prospects. Put the two together and it's been all Sterling all the time on just about every Liverpool site out there—at least when the topic hasn't been the difficulty captain Steven Gerrard has so far had adjusting to manager Brendan Rodgers possession and pressing system.

By the end of the week, Sterling could have a bit of company in the category of Liverpool youngster the fans are both overly excited about and mildly concerned for, with news emerging that Rodgers not only plans to bring 18-year-old striker Samed Yesil along for the trip when the club head to Bern to face Young Boys on Thursday—he expects the newly arrived youngster to play. It may not mean a start for the German-Turkish striker from Bayer Leverkusen, but if it all goes to plan it will likely at least mean Yesil comes off the bench to face the Swiss side.

"Samed will certainly be fast-tracked," said Rodgers about the inclusion of Yesil and fellow 18-year-old Suso in the traveling squad. "He will be involved in the Europa League game. I watched him play [for Germany] against England Under-19s the other week when he scored two terrific goals and set up another."

No doubt Yesil was impressive with the German U19 side during the international break, but it's fair to say that when the striker signed and before the summer transfer window closed neither he nor his new manager would have expected his involvement in first team action to come quite as soon as this. For better or worse, though, Yesil will be involved in the match on Thursday. And if he does play as Rodgers expects, hopefully he can take his chance and impress as Sterling has—though hopefully if he doesn't, fans will remember that he's not yet out of his teens and that he wasn't brought to the club with the expectation that he would be playing first team football this season.

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