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Rodgers "Really Pleased" With Sunderland Performance

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The general mood after yesterday's draw seemed to more consternation and disappointment than celebration--many of the lingering problems that have concerned us over the past few seasons remained, with a few positive individual performances unable to overcome the inability to convert possession into points. It's clear that things are changing in some ways, but in others concerns linger, and it's evident that further changes are needed.

For Brendan Rodgers, though, yesterday was apparently a much more positive experience:

"I've analysed the performance and I thought it was outstanding. I thought our creativity and movement was good, and we had a real good tempo and rhythm to our game."

"It was a good point all round. We'll go away from the game really pleased with the performance. There were a lot of young players but I thought the balance in the team was good, and some of our movement and creativity was exceptional."

Without going back and watching the match again--which is not something I'm likely to do--I'm having a hard time seeing how much of anything Liverpool did yesterday was outstanding. The second half did represent something of an improvement in terms of pressure in the final third and chances created, they found the equalizer, and statistically Liverpool were easily in front. That's encouraging enough I suppose, but outstanding seems like a bit of an overstatement at this point.

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