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Reina's Agent Admits Goalkeeper "Not Having an Easy Time"

A poor start to the season for Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has led to speculation in some quarters that the club is keeping an eye on potential replacements for the Spanish National Team backup. Those rumours have gone hand in hand with suggestions that after two poor seasons at Liverpool and a prolonged drop in form following the departures of manager Rafa Benitez and goalkeeping coach Xavi Valero, Reina himself might be interested in seeking a move.

Reina's agent, however, insists that this is not the case, though he does admit that the goalkeeper "is not having an easy time" at Liverpool this season.

"The team has not started the season well and liability is falling on him," admitted agent Manuel Garcia Quilon, "but this will end when he returns to form. He has four years to run on his contract and rumours of leaving Liverpool are just that—rumours."

Despite that Reina has struggled at times in recent seasons, most Liverpool fans will hope that they are just that—just rumours. Hopefully, too, the new management team will lead to a return to form for Reina in the coming weeks. If not, it may soon become difficult for many to think of Reina's current slump as poor form so much as the new normal for a goalkeeper who until a few years ago was talked about as a potential Liverpool great.

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