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Cardiff Talks for Bellamy

Of other importance during Brendan Rodgers' morning presser--which we covered earlier with a focus on Daniel Agger--was the future of Craig Bellamy, which was finally discussed in more concrete terms. The potential for a move back to Wales for the 33 year-old has crystallized to the point that a return is all but certain, and Liverpool are resigned to yet again losing one of their more influential and forceful attackers ahead of the new season.

"We have been in talks with him and Cardiff. I had a really good meeting with Craig before I moved up here. He is a big Liverpool supporter but I also understand his thinking. He is 33 and has travelled around the country all his life, so there are compassionate reasons. We will look at it but we will wish him all the best and move forward."

There'll be time for a more extended goodbye when he does leave, but for now we're left knowing that Liverpool unfortunately start the process of moving forward without Craig Bellamy. As we covered yesterday, it'll be a tough goodbye, with Bellamy providing both a practical and sentimental lift for Liverpool last season--he was an absolute terror and times, and during a season in which Liverpool lacked passion on far too many occasions, Bellamy could always be relied upon to send a charge through the squad.

The task for Brendan Rodgers now is finding that elsewhere, and doing so quickly.

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