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Luis Suarez Signs a New Deal

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In news that is less surprising given the bit on LFCTV earlier in the day, Luis Suarez has signed a new deal with Liverpool that'll keep him with the club for the long term. It's great news given the number of questions about just how settled he could continue to feel in England, with nearly every away match--and every Olympic match--marked by abuse and disdain. There was also the talk about Juventus potentially coming into the fray in hopes of partnering the Uruguayan with Robin van Persie; if the past few transfer windows have taught us anything, nobody's guaranteed to stay, and with Suarez the worry was no different.

But he's here, and it looks to be for good, and that's nothing but positive for Liverpool. Brendan Rodgers spoke of his excitement about working with Suarez and getting him back into the fold, and you'd imagine that all involved are hoping it happens sooner rather than later so long as fitness allows.

"I'm delighted that he has signed. I think he's one of the best strikers in world football. Hopefully, he was able to see our vision going forward, in terms of what we're trying to do. I think he felt safe and secure at the fact that we look like we are heading in the right direction and he's very happy to come with me on that journey - which I'm delighted about."

Adding Suarez and Coates to a squad that had begun to seem thinner by the day was boost enough, so hopefully news of the deal will leave Liverpool and its supporters feeling slightly more secure about where things are headed. Things still need to improve in terms of personnel, but Luis Suarez isn't a bad person to have that improvement occurring around.

For weeks it's been nothing but worry and concern, so this is good. We can be happy about this. I think.

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