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Charlie Adam Sold to Stoke, Jay Spearing to Bolton On Loan

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Two moves completed that we mostly knew/hoped were happening--Charlie Adam is sold to Stoke City on a four-year deal, and Jay Spearing is headed to Bolton for a season-long loan. Neither player looked to be an essential part of Brendan Rodgers' plans at Liverpool, and with both left out of the squad completely for the last few matches, moves appeared to only be a matter of time.

We really do hope that things go well for both players, hard as it may be to believe. Adam was just never a player that we felt fit for where Liverpool were headed, even when where Liverpool were headed wasn't really something identifiable. His style of play at times blended nicely, and he had a hand in a few of Liverpool's better moments last season. On the whole it was underwhelming, though, and hopefully he'll fit better under Tony Pulis. Also, hopefully their supporters don't eat him alive. Literally. They're savages.

As for Spearing, there have been glimpses of potential in the past few seasons, particularly alongside Lucas, which tends to be the case for most midfielders. Even Charlie Adam. But Spearing was very good when not asked to do too much; problem being that for the latter part of last season and in the early matches of this one, he looked out of sorts and overwhelmed, contributing very little as defensive cover or in recycling possession. If the Bolton move allows for development and maturity in identity that'd be fantastic, and there could be a chance at a Liverpool future. If not, and this is just a segue to a permanent move elsewhere, it's likely Rodgers will be able to find a replacement fairly easily.

Good luck to both players, and now let's see what the rest of the day has to offer--it's already produced the Europa League draw, with Liverpool in a group that's going to provide a few tough tests.

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