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Enrique: "We Were Better Than Them"

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For fans, the result of Sunday's match against Manchester City was disappointing. The performance, though, was far from it. It wasn't just those watching the game who felt that way, either, as Jose Enrique returned from injury as a second half substitute to join in one of Liverpool's best performances in recent memory—and then spoke about the positives he and the rest of the players were taking from it despite the harsh result.

"I think we did really well and we deserved to win," he said. "We made two mistakes and they punished us with two goals. But to get a point against Manchester City is not a bad result. This team was the best team in the league last year and today we were better than them.

"We are still learning with a new manager and some new players and of course we need some time, but if we keep playing like that then we will win many points. The manager wants us to try to keep the ball when we have it and then press hard like lions when we don't have it.

"It's like tiki-taka. The best team in the world is the best example and that's Barcelona. We see how amazing they are with the ball and how when they lose it they win it back within a few seconds.

"We can't compare ourselves to them but we are trying to play like this."

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