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Carragher Says Liverpool Must Keep League's Best Partnership

Jamie Carragher's legs may be fading as he enters the final years of his career, but after a summer spent as one of the most insightful and progressive pundits at the Euros the new season has found him more willing than some to immediately buy into Brendan Rodgers' pass-and-move, ball on the deck philosophy. In keeping with his move towards a more sagacious approach and bolstering suggestions a move into coaching may not be too far off, Carragher has also lately talked of the importance of the club holding on to their starting centre back pairing—even if it comes at the expense of his own playing time.

"It's probably not so good for me," he said, "but, joking apart, it's absolutely vital we keep them. I know Vincent Kompany was great for Manchester City last season but, for me, as a defensive partnership these two are the best in the Premier League. I don't think either has signed a new contract just yet but Martin is very close and Daniel wants to stay at Liverpool. That's brilliant news."

Despite disappointing performances by both defenders against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday it's probably safe to say that most fans would fully agree with Carragher on the matter.

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