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Agger's Liverpool Commitment Would Only Be Tested by Barcelona

"There is one club who would make it very difficult for me to stay at Anfield," according to Daniel Agger, whose frank discussions with the Danish press have given those in England plenty to talk about since he headed out on international duty. "Playing for Barcelona would be a huge accomplishment because they have the best team in the world. But I am feeling great where I am. I'm with a special club, and I feel I am influencing what happens on the pitch. I am happy to be a Liverpool player."

Some have taken to turning his words into a flashy "Agger Wants Barcelona Move" story, though of course the truth is far more pedestrian when one considers his statement as a whole. And the truth is that, as is usually the case when it comes to Daniel Agger, the player was simply being honest. It's something of an odd quality in a football player, but one that most Liverpool fans should be used to by now when it comes to the Danish defender.

Do Barcelona have the best team in the world? Most would say yes, and any player in England who said he wouldn't be tempted should the Catalans come knocking would be lying. That isn't revelatory, it's simple reality, and to pretend it represents a shocking development in the Agger story is irresponsible.

Just as important to Liverpool fans should be that after Agger acknowledges that yes, Barcelona are kind of good and that like most players he might be tempted by them, he gives a reaffirmation of the strong feelings he has towards his current club. Given Liverpool's struggles over the past few years, in fact, it would something of a minor miracle if the rest of the squad would only limit themselves to either staying put or heading to Barcelona—though of course, most are rather less likely than Agger to honestly discuss such things.

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