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What Does Losing Out on Sigurðsson Mean for Liverpool?

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Stewart Downing and Gylfi Sigurðsson, now neck and neck for the amount of positive influence they'll have for Liverpool next season.
Stewart Downing and Gylfi Sigurðsson, now neck and neck for the amount of positive influence they'll have for Liverpool next season.

Given that there's really been no Liverpool news of any sort, let alone when it comes to transfer dealings, the news that Gylfi Sigurðsson will be joining Spurs was a bit disappointing despite not being completely surprising. Regardless of whether or not you were familiar with Sigurðsson, it would have been encouraging insofar as it would have been an actual something to talk about, and it would have signaled intent to get the players the club was linked with.

There's likely a range of reasons that Sigurðsson chose to go to Tottenham, and none of them are very comforting for Liverpool supporters--their ability to pay higher wages compared to the dead weight Liverpool are carrying, a style of football that will, at least in terms of the impetus to get forward, fit nicely for a player of his style, and, most troublingly, Liverpool have simply been left behind by Spurs over the past few seasons. It'd be easy to understand how he could view the London club as more promising at the current time, just as he likely saw Liverpool as more appealing than Swansea when Brendan Rodgers left.

But the main question is what this all means for Liverpool's summer dealings, and I'm inclined to say that it doesn't mean much. It's disappointing, sure, and if Spurs really are a more attractive side for potential signings to join, it says plenty about just how badly things have slid at Liverpool over the past few seasons. There's ground to be made up for Liverpool, and until they do that, they're faced with falling by the wayside in the transfer market.

I don't think, however, that it's an indication that the club don't have any ambition or won't get the types of players Brendan Rodgers wants. They need to offload the wages that are dragging them down, and hopefully we'll see activity pick up over the next few weeks. With the early returners back at Melwood today to meet Rodgers and company, it's not a stretch to expect to hear more about where things are headed. Plus, you know, Lucas.

So anyhow, give a vote and a comment as to what the Sigurðsson deal means for Liverpool, and we'll be around later on with anything deserving a mention.

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