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Video: Fabio Borini v. Tottenham

It was an eager if occasionally sloppy Liverpool debut for Fabio Borini, but less than a week after joining the squad at Harvard it was never likely to be a razor sharp, world class performance. And for now, it should be enough. For now, eager will do along with any encouragement that comes from the striker repeatedly putting himself into dangerous scoring areas.

It didn't lead to any goals on Saturday, but for Liverpool fans it will have been a first hand introduction as to why the 21-year-old has already gained a reputation as a clinical finisher—as those who have watched Maxi pop up with goal after goal for Liverpool over the past two seasons will know, half the job is simply putting yourself into dangerous areas. It seems as though it is a talent that should come naturally to any attacker, but as those who watched Liverpool last year will also know, it's a talent many simply lack.

And so there's encouragement: Borini is a willing runner and gravitates towards dangerous areas. For his first thirty minutes of action for Liverpool, that seems enough. Hat-tricks and heroics can wait at least until FC Gomel on Thursday.

Video by PolarBro via YouTube

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