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Rodgers: Morgan is a Natural Finisher

There are strikers with pace, with trickery, with flair. Strikers who can out-jump defenders or overpower them. Strikers who can thump the ball straight through the netting and into the stands behind goal. Then there are strikers who, for all that they aren't the fastest or flashiest or most naturally skillful, simply do that one thing over and over and over again that strikers are supposed to do: They just score goals. And Adam Morgan just scores goals.

"He's a really, really good kid," said Brendan Rodgers of the young striker following his goal on Saturday against Toronto FC. "He's technically good, he's got a natural eye for a goal—if he doesn't arrive at that moment, the goal doesn't go in because the defender would have got to the line to defend it. He's got that natural instinct to score but I was also pleased with the cleverness in his pressing. He pressed the ball really well. That forced them into some mistakes.

"It was a great moment for him. His father flew in this morning from Liverpool, so to get here and to see the goal would have been a special moment."

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