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Rodgers Dishes on Dempsey and Carroll

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So despite not really talking about players from other clubs, today the offal ran with quotes from a Brendan Rodgers interview to confirm that Liverpool have indeed made an enquiry regarding Clint Dempsey, and that Ian Ayre has spoken with Fulham about the player's status. We sort of know Fulham's feelings on the matter given their statement from earlier in the day, so we're left wondering how the process of Liverpool signing Dempsey will unfold. What'd be really nice is if this turns into a long, ugly, back-and-forth struggle that doesn't resolve itself until late August. That'd be awesome.

Anyway, Brendan Rodgers:

"Clint is a player we've enquired about, it is as simple as that. Ian Ayre, our managing director, has spoken with the club to see what the position is. That is where we're at. He's a very talented player but we don't like to talk about other clubs' players."

If we're to believe the rumors that we already sort of touched on earlier in the day, it certainly looks like a case of both Liverpool and Dempsey wanting the move, leaving Fulham as the only party taking the stance that a stay in West London is in the player's future rather than a move north.

We've already done most of the discussion about Dempsey that needs discussing, and if he does indeed end up as a Liverpool player, he'll be supported as any other so long as he proves to be a committed member of the squad, and that he does more to benefit the side than he takes away. We'll maintain our reservations, of course, but that doesn't mean we won't be hoping that he does everything within his power to improve Liverpool Football Club.

Assuming he actually joins up, of course.

The other piece of information to emerge from Rodgers' presser this afternoon was news on the shopping of Andy Carroll, who's become one of the most likely players to leave over the past few weeks. We haven't and likely won't hear directly from Carroll until he joins the squad after his holiday, so in the meantime we're left with the manager's pointed but fairly vague comments about his status.

"There has been a lot written and spoken about him but first and foremost Andy is a Liverpool player. To consider a loan period for someone the club spent £35million on isn't something we're looking to do at this moment in time. Andy will be the same as every other player - if there's ever an offer that comes in we'd look at it as a club and see if it's going to be worthwhile for the club and the team as a whole. The club invested £35million in him. People talk about whether he can fit into my style or not, but if you're a club and you spend £35million on a player you'd like to think he can fit into whatever style the team plays."

Quick, how many times did he say £35million? It's become clear enough that the club are shopping with a view to selling rather than loaning, and with Rodgers solidifying that, I guess we're--at least the we that'd like to see Andy Carroll at Liverpool beyond the summer--left to hope that there is an opportunity for Carroll to blend in with the squad and prove that he's deserving of a spot in Liverpool's plans for the future.

In sum, we didn't really learn anything that we didn't know already, but it's some sort of something to continue the conversation, which is welcome enough during these lean days. Expect things on our end to pick up at the weekend--we'll be previewing each of the preseason friendlies starting on Friday with Toronto, and I'll be filing a range of posts from Boston once I make it back there early next week.

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