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Video: Joe Cole's North American Tour Video Diary

Yesterday Joe Cole began a video diary for the North American tour. And it's exactly as awkward and cringeworthy as you'd expect it to be. Which isn't to say we'd be any less embarrassing if we were to post video diaries to Youtube. But then there's a good reason we don't expect to ever post video diaries to Youtube. Namely that they're always really embarrassing and never a good idea. Because inevitably you'll say things like:

The Americans are hospitable.

That you're going to watch 21 Jump Street.

Which is a movie with the kid from Superbad.

And that's really funny apparently.

But you forgot you speakers.

Which is really a schoolboy error.

And the young lads scream when they play their Playstation games.

Plus West Ham just lodged a £3M bid for your services.

So work hard, take your chance, and wear sunscreen.

And most of those things are exactly the sorts of important and interesting things that Joe Cole did say in his first North American tour video diary. Except for the one thing that he didn't say. Still, if the goal was to split the difference between "Humanise Joe Cole" and "Embarrass Joe Cole," then it's probably safe to call it mission accomplished for Liverpool's media department.

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